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Yamaha ME-55 PK

digital metronom
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 Metronome Type:  Digital
 Metronome Colour: Pink
 Metronome Material: Plastic
 Metronome Display: LED
 Metronome Options: Clip On
 Metronome Options: Adjustable time signature
Beschreibung The Yamaha ME-55  is a metronome that's easy to clip onto your clothes, music stands and the like. This metronome has a complete set of functions that both amateurs and professionals can make full use of. The tempo is adjustable from 30 to 250 BPM and with the two reference notes (A and Bb) and two frequency scales (440 and 442 Hz) you can even tune your instrument. Thanks to the included lithium battery, the ME-55 PK lasts for about 50 hours, so you can take your musical instrument with you to the highest peaks and the lowest canyons.


digital quartz metronome
one red LED indicator
reference notes: A, Bb
frequency scales: 440 or 442 Hz
adjustable volume
adjustable tempo range from 30-250 BPM
includes CR2032 lithium battery
works for up to ~50 hours with one battery
colour: pink
size: 62 x 44 x 17 mm (W x H x D)


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