Take advantage of many benefits when buying new Yamaha musical instruments, like extended warranty, free online lessons, free learning apps.

Take advantage of many benefits when buying new Yamaha musical instruments, like extended warranty, free online lessons, free learning apps.

It's the perfect time to get into music: Going into the peak season of 2022, Yamaha launches its back-to-school campaign "Start Small Dream Big" for learners across Europe. No matter if you are just starting your musical education, getting back into it after taking a break or adding another instrument to your repertoire, you can benefit from the added value in the form of free educational content.

Classical guitars included in the campaign: C40, C40BL, CS40II, CGS102AII, CX40II.

Pacifica electric guitars included in the campaign: PA112VMGRRL, PA112VMIBRL, PA112VSBRL, PA112VWWRL, PA112VMRMRL, PA112VMSPRL, PA112VMXYNSRL, PA112VOVSRL, PA112VUBLRL, PA112VYNSRL and sets of acoustic guitars: F310PIINT, F310PIITBS. 

Yamaha's newly created "Yamaha Music Europe Hub" offers adequate solutions and content to help you progress and express yourself right from the start. From articles to podcasts to videos, you will find a wealth of resources that may inspire, educate or just entertain you. This includes the educational content that comes with the purchase of Yamaha instruments. Whether you are just learning your first notes or dreaming of playing that famous riff again that you practiced in your teenage years: Yamaha supports you while you are taking those all-important first steps to ultimately realize your dreams.

Digital pianos included in the campaign: CLP-735B, CLP-735WH, CLP-735PE, CLP-735R, CLP-725PE, CLP-745R, CLP-775PE, CLP-725R, CLP-745B, CLP-745WH, CLP-775R, CLP-725B, CLP-725WH, CLP-745PE, CLP-775B, CLP-775WH, YDP-165B, YDP-145B, YDP-S35WA, YDP-165WH, YDP-S55WH, YDP-165R, YDP-145WH, YDP-S35WH, YDP-145R, YDP-S35B, YDP-165WA, YDP-S55B, P-125B, P-125WH.

Maybe you want to unleash your creativity, find freedom by expressing yourself or inspire others with your music: No matter your motivation, your background, style or age, music is universal. Anyone who wants to play, can. But as rewarding as making music is, the first steps can be challenging. For this reason, Yamaha's goal is to support you on your musical journey and give you all the resources you need for a successful start. Yamaha wants to make the process as easy as possible so you can focus on what really matters: Your music.

Wind instruments included in the campaign: YFL-212, YFL-282GL, YFL-372GL, YFL-382, YFL-272SL, YFL-362, YFL-382H, YFL-212SL, YFL-282, YFL-372HGL, YFL-212U, YFL-312GL, YFL-222, YFL-312, YFL-372, YFL-262, YFL-272, YFL-322, YFL-382GL, YCL-450M, YCL-255S, YCL-450E03, YCL-45003, YTR-3335, YTR-2330, YTR-2330S, YTR-3335S, YTR-4335GSII, YTR-4335GII, YAS-280, YAS-280S, YAS-480, YAS-480S.

This starts once you have decided which instrument you want to play: If you purchase one of the selected Yamaha instruments between 1st September 2022. and 28th February 2023., you will get access to our additional content. All you have to do is create your Yamaha Music ID and register your instrument on our freshly launched "Yamaha Music Europe Hub".

Besides PSR-E373 here are all other keyboards included in the campaign:  EZ-300, PSR-E273, PSR-EW310, PSR-SX600, DGX670B, DGX670WH.

If you already have an existing Yamaha account, you can easily log in to register your new purchase. New customers will be guided through the intuitive registration process from the moment they open the box: Simply scan the provided QR code and you will be taken through the process step by step. Your Yamaha Music ID will become the globally unified customer authentication for all future Yamaha services, so make sure to sign up for the newsletter and stay in touch.

Selected Yamaha products are bundled with top-class learning app that make it easy for aspiring musicians of all ages to take those first steps on their musical journey. Whether you are looking to perform your favorite song on a keyboard, digital or acoustic piano with the innovative flowkey app, or play along with today's biggest hits for Band & Orchestral Instruments with Tomplay platform, which makes playing an instrument fun and rewarding from the first note. Yamaha also offers a set of instruments in a bundle with online lessons with Yamaha Music School Network Teachers to ensure you have the perfect kick-off into your musical journey. If you want more information about the benefits that come with each instrument, EURO-UNIT as a local Yamaha dealer will gladly assist you.

Piano models included in the campaign: B1PE, B1PW, B1OPWD, B1PWH, B2EPE, B2EPWH, B2OPDW, B3EPE, B3EPWH, B3OPDW, NU1X, NU1XPBW.

Read more about flowkey OVDJE.

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Read more about Online lessons OVDJE.

Visit the "Yamaha Music Europe Hub" HERE, Register yourself and take the first step to achieve your goals in music – it's time to start small, but dream big!

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