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Julius Keilwerth ST90 JK2101-8-O

Eb alto saksofon
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7.106,40 kn
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Keilwerth ST90 Alto Saxophone
Keilwerth has made saxophones since 1925, with an emphasis on quality which remains unchanged today: To give the musician an attractive value for money offer and to continuously improve the instruments both in quality and technically. The alto and tenor saxophones ST 90 Series IV, the soprano saxophones ST 90 series III and the baritone saxophones ST 90 are the result of this philosophy.The wish to be able to offer professional standards at a reasonable price was realized with this series of saxophones that provide not only instruments for the student, but also for future orchestral use.


Gold lacquered finish
Auxiliary high F# key - improved playing characteristics in the altissimo register
B-Bb-C#-G# mechanism for the left hand little finger - easy operating because of pivoted Bb key
Key inlays of imitation of mother of pearl, without metal rim - professional playing comfort
Plastic thumb rest, adjustable in height and angle - optimum hand positioning
High quality leather pads with plastic resonators - long lasting, improved sound projection and clarity
2-component epoxy lacquer with hardener - improved durability
Hydraulically formed neck - excellent sound and response
Detachable bow - easy to repair
Durable, fabric-covered rigid case with large external accessory pocket and hide-away back-pack straps
Bell diameter: 133mm
Weight: 2.6kg
Range from low Bb to high F#
Plastic thumb rest, adjustable in height and angle
Key inlays of imitation of mother of pearl, without metal rim
B-Bb-C#-G#-mechanism for the left hand little finger
Easy operating octave mechanism
Detachable bow, easy to repair


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