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Vandoren B44 CM322

usnik za Eb klarinet
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520.8 HRK
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520,80 kn
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Traditional Style

The beak on the CM322 Mouthpiece is of a traditional design, meaning that the taper of the mouthpiece happens close to the edge of the mouthpiece and at a standard angle. This has been a tried and tested method of mouthpiece design for many years and is a popular style chosen by many of the great artists.

Popular B44 Design

The Standard B44 is one of Vandoren's best selling mouthpieces due to its versatility. It is favoured by so many Eb clarinetists due to its intermediate tip opening and medium-long facing. This means that the clarinetist has a wide spectrum of colours and timbres available as well as excellent projection and response. As a result, this mouthpiece is a popular choice for intermediate and professional clarinetists all across the world.

Tip Opening: 1.105mm
Facing Length: Medium
Suitable For: Eb Clarinet
Recommended Reed Strength: 2.5 › 4


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