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Phone: +385 (0)40 311 163

Yamaha YSS1455SG Limited Steve Gadd Signature

Šifra proizvoda: 37401605
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Cijena: 5.228,80 kn
Bez PDV-a: 5.228,80 kn
Datum dostupnosti proizvoda: 15-05-2020


Jedinica u paketu1

This outstanding snare drum has been designed and developed in cooperation with legendary Yamaha drum artist Steve Gadd.
Limited to 280 pieces in Europe (and only 800 pieces worldwide)

Legendary drummer Steve Gadd has worked with us for over 40 years - and over the last couple of decades, Steve Gadd has been part of our research and development team pushing the benchmark in drum quality higher and higher.
In 2016, Steve Gadd and the team revamped our legendary Recording Custom drum kit and the Recording Custom metal snares.

To celebrate our partnership, we've worked together to release a signature snare drum – a 14” x 5.5” steel shell – with a new Steve Gadd 10-strand wire, which enhances the snare articulation.

Limited to 800 pieces worldwide (and only 280 pieces in Europe), this snare drum’s 1.2 mm steel shell exterior and aluminum diecast hoops are set in a distinctive black nickel, Steve's colour of choice.
Additional features include a Steve Gadd signature badge that accompanies the shell, a black tuning key and a special certification card.

“I have been playing Yamaha drums for over 40 years. It’s been a pleasure working together and I hope our relationship continues to grow,” said Gadd. “This is the latest signature model we have created. I hope you like it.”

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tel: +385 (0)40 311 163