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beyerdynamic GM105

kondenzatorski mikrofon
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Opis The Classis GM 105 gooseneck microphone is fitted with a 3-pin male connector and suitable for different applications. The microphone features a cardioid polar pattern with a high gain before feedback. In order to suppress wind or pop noise, there is a switchable low-cut filter on the circuit board. The microphone is mounted on a 6 mm thick gooseneck and due to its matt black, non-glare surface it discreetly blends into the environment. The microphone can be powered with any phantom power source supplying 12 to 48 V. The microphone is supplied with a foam wind shield.


Cardioid polar pattern with a high gain before feedback
Filter to suppress wind or pop noise
Non-glare surface
Connection via 3-pin XLR male connector
Rigid tube with two flexible goosenecks
Length 500 mm 19.68"


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