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beyerdynamic MCS 521

delegatska mikrofonska jedinica
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MCS 521 delegate microphone unit consists of one microphone button in the housing with which the participant can switch on and off his microphone.
An illuminated red ring below the microphone capsule and a green LED in the base indicate the ready-totalk status of the microphone.
In the Request-to-Talk operation mode of the discussion system the microphone button serves for the request to talk.
The red LED in the housing indicates the request to talk has been acknowledged.
When the microphone is activated by the operator at the PC or media control system, the colour of the LED changes to green.
If the microphone button is pressed once again, the delegate can clear the request-to-talk.
The integrated loudspeaker offers optimum speech intelligibility.
If the participant switches on the microphone, the loudspeaker is switched off automatically.
Depending on the system configuration it is possible that the loudspeakers of other, pre-defined microphone units, e.g. neighbouring microphone units, are also switched off.
The metal base plate of the housing offers good physical isolation of the microphone unit against mechanical coupling.


Model: 459.305
High-quality gooseneck microphone (including pop shield)
Ring of the gooseneck illuminates to indicate the Ready-to-Talk status
Microphone button to switch the microphone unit on or off or for Request-to-Talk
Dual colour LED to indicate the microphone on/request to talk status (red: Request-to-Talk is acknowledged; green: microphoneunit is switched on and ready to talk)
Integrated loudspeaker
Volume control to adjust the loudspeaker's volume
Mono 3.5 mm mini-jack output for the connection of recorders, dictating machines etc.


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