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beyerdynamic MCS-D 200

centralna kontrolna jedinica za delegatske mikrofone
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The MCS-D 200 control unit can operate a digital conference and interpretation system with a maximum of 1,000 delegate and interpreter stations.
The NetRateBus provides 54 multifunctional audio channels which can be allocated to different meetings.
These audio channels allow a lot of applications such as discussing, interpreting, phoning from one microphone station to the other and linking external participants to a meeting via phone conferencing.
The control unit features an integrated power supply for a maximum of 15 microphone stations.
Optionally the control unit is available with two power supplies to supply a maximum of 30 microphone stations.
When there are more than 30 microphone stations to be supplied, additional power supply units are required.
The system is configured by using the integrated display and multifunctional buttons or the iCNS operating and configuration software.
The configuration includes selecting various operating and voting modes.
By using the iCNS software you can select settings such as voting modes, graphical control, data band and video camera control in addition to operating modes and configuration of microphone stations as chairman stations.
Via the control unit you can configure microphone station IDs, chairman stations, interpreting channels, audio interfaces and operating modes.


Fully digital audio and control
One control unit for all delegate, chairman and interpreter stations
Multi-Session-Management: Several meetings can be controlled with one MCS-D 200 control unit and the iCNS software simultaneously
No additional or special control unit for interpreting applications necessary, as the MCS-D 200 can manage languages as well
Port to connect a PC for operation with the iCNS software
Port to connect a media control system
Integrated power supply for a maximum of 15 microphone stations, optional for a maximum of 30 microphone stations.
Volume control for headphones
Monitoring and control of the interpreter station



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